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Ps: A little waiting time for this product this montha s we are waiting for a large delivery for this book.


a book where you follow the journey of a wish being made, and how with a little help, love and support a wish can come true.

This is the book for you who wants to experience a magical story, where you can explain this theme in your own words and with a little bit of help.


The back story/ idea:

The story was sketched out nine years ago, and today it is finally finished!The story came alive by Nille at university in 2010, and second it was published as a short comic.


Now it will finally be published in the format it was always intended, a picture book. The short little story about how a wish for a baby was so strong and going through a long and hard travel to come true. With some help, hope and love hopefully arrives.


This book will with your help and other LGBTQI+ childrensbooks enthusiats, finally be realized!

“I have given my all to this book, it is very dear and close to my heart. I give a little of my self each time i create something but this is something very special.” Says Nille Horgen, the creator of this book.

Working towards acceptance and universal understanding, this book is one step further towards this goa.


About the artist, and writer:Nille is born and raised in Norway, with all around love and acceptance she is stable and happy within herself. Of LGBTQI+ Norway is one of the most accepting, and with the support of herself and the people around her she hopes to spread this love, joy and affection within her creations.

Ønsket Hard cover Norwegian Version

kr 399,00Price
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